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A collaboration by KHreative Works Branding Agency and TS Consultancy (Ten Strings Developmental Company)

The KHreative Business Planner is a practical, action-driven planner for small business owners, that will help you gain clarity and focus in business, and by extension, in life.

Each planner includes:

A Business Planning Guide -

  • Business Overview to determine (or revise) some foundational aspects of business

  • Business Focus Kit to help you clarify what you do and what you want out of business and life

  • Branding Kit to determine your overall image, both visually and in how you serve and communicate

  • Business Reminders to keep you on top of important requirements 

  • Goal Setting Sheet

Planner Tools - 

  • Yearly View at a Glance

  • Quarterly Planner with Goal Trackers, Brainstorming Sheets and End-of-Quarter Review and Profit Trackers

  • Monthly Planner View with Habit Trackers, Weekly Goal Setting, Daily Views, and End-of-Month Review Checklists

  • Year in Review and Goals Check

Trackers - 

  • 12-Month Finance Tracker to keep track of your earnings each month

  • 12-Month Goal Tracker to keep track of all your wins

Stickers -

  • To mark important dates, goals and reminders

Bonus - 

  • Financial Records Spreadsheet to track revenue, expenditure and net income

  • Social Media Content Calendar Spreadsheet to map out your monthly marketing campaigns and posts


Yup, this is a lot!

And it can all be yours in this comprehensive business planner, for just $349 TTD ($52 USD)


Pre-order now! Please complete the form below:

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