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  We Edit.  

No time to re-read and/or fix grammatical errors?

KHreative Works will go through your documents with a fine-toothed comb and add the right finishing touches!

Any document, including Books, Reports, CVs / Résumés, Cover Letters, Policies etc.

We fix Typographical Errors, Improper Syntax, Poor Sentence Construction, and Incorrect Paper Formatting

We also create Editable PDF Forms that are convenient for collecting information from clients, without the need for printing and scanning. Click here to view a sample form.

Standard Editing





Company Documents


Cost for Books:

< 10 pages = 5c per word ($12.50 TTD / $2 USD per page)

10-25 pages = 4c per word ($10 TTD / $1.50 USD per page)

26-50 = $9 TTD / $1.35 USD per page

51-75 = $8 TTD / $1.20 USD per page

76-100 = $7 TTD / $1.05USD per page

101-150 = $6 TTD / 90c USD per page

151-200 = $5 TTD / 75c USD per page

> 200 = $4 TTD / 60c USD per page

Cost for Other:

$50 TTD / $7.50 USD per page

Academic Proofreading & Editing

Need help with your assignment?

We provide our Standard Editing Services plus Plagiarism Check and Referencing.


N.B. We will NOT WRITE any students' academic papers, but merely edit spelling and grammar, and suggest appropriate changes or alternatives.


See Standard Editing Costs

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