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Small businesses are really taking a hit.

How do you keep your business afloat while you weather the COVID-19 storm?

How do you continue to run your business, while being empathetic to what's going on all around us?

This resource was created with small business owners like you in mind, as we all power through this pandemic. 


This e-book features 15 practical business survival tips, each with a resource sheet - exercises, links, questions, draft text, checklists, practical suggestions etc. - that you can use immediately to help keep your business going.

We made this e-book available for FREE to the first twenty (20) entrepreneurs who pre-ordered, and have received nothing but positive reviews.

Now, the e-book is available for purchase, for only $50 TTD ($7 USD).



Please complete the form to place your order.

You will immediately receive an email with account details to make an online banking payment  (or cash deposit). 

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